GalkinLaw Comprehensive Internet Law Resource (U.S. focus)

This list attempts to be the most up to date list of Internet law resources available online. Many sites which have attempted to assemble such lists over the years have not been maintained. The result is that current entries have not been added and many of the links are dead. Therefore, anyone using this list is encouraged to notify me of any links that are no longer active or of resources that you think would be worthwhile adding.

While this list is referred to as “Comprehensive,” it is also somewhat selective. Only websites that have been determined to have genuine and ongoing value have been included. Also, for the purpose of usability, this list cannot be truly comprehensive, otherwise it would become too difficult to maneuver. For instance, there are many very useful blogs covering Internet law issues. However, they cannot all be listed here. Therefore, only those determined to be generally most useful and comprehensive have been included.

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Categories Listed Below

U.S. Government Websites

Federal Laws; Statutes; Rules

International Law Websites

Law Oriented Organizations 

Industry Associations 

Internet Law News Sources

Law Reviews/Journals

Law Publishers

General Internet Law Information Resources