Website Documents – Terms and Conditions – Privacy Policies

Websites typically require as base documents Terms of Use (also referred to as Terms of Service, Terms and Conditions and Website Terms) and Privacy Policies. Depending upon the website, additional documents that may be required are described in other sections.

Our first step in preparing website documents is to thoroughly understand the business plan and functionality of a website business.  We then specifically tailor Terms of Use, Privacy Policies and other important website documents to the particular needs of the website. After the documents are completed, we can also perform a general compliance review of your website to verify (i) that documents have been properly posted and linked to legally binding acceptance procedures, and (ii) compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

It is very important to have properly prepared website documents. These documents will define the relationship between your website and your users for many years to come. Website documents need to provide flexibility, forward planning and strong protections in order to protect the website from various liabilities, risks and challenges that can be encountered in the future. Improperly prepared website documents can result in large expenses incurred arising from defending actions from the FTC, states attorneys general, intellectual property infringement and libel claims from user generated content, and other situations that could otherwise possibly have been avoided.

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