Content Licensing

Content is king on the Internet. You may want to use someone else’s content or commercialize and distribute content that you have created or otherwise have rights to. We have prepared and negotiated a wide variety of content licenses and transfers covering a broad array of digital content and distribution methods. In this area we represent blog aggregators, video distributors, game developers and platforms, data aggregators, photographers, musicians, ringtone distributors, and others.

Content can be licensed in or licensed out. In either case, the scope of license is critical for both the licensors and the licensees. For licensors, an appropriately drafted license scope will maximize profits and protect against misuse and unintended use of content. For licensees, the license scope must allow for all known uses and future “unknown” uses; otherwise limits on the use might seriously curtail the proper expansion of the operation. Additionally, it is critical that a licensee is properly protected if the content turns out to infringe a third party’s intellectual property rights.

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