On June 2, 2011, YouTube announced that it would make available certain videos that are licensed under the Creative Commons CC BY license. A work made available under the Creative Commons license basically allows others to freely use the work in virtually any manner they select with the stipulation that they include attribution to the owner of the work used. This is not the Creative Commons CC BY-SA “copyleft” license, which requires works that use the Creative Commons work also to be licensed under the Creative Commons license. Therefore, under this YouTube arrangement, the new work will be completely proprietary to the developer/artist (excluding of course the original work itself).

This YouTube arrangement is important because it greatly expands the material that video developers can incorporate royalty free into their works. YouTube is expected to unveil this feature through its free online video editor with more than 10,000 selections. The selections will be provided from sources such as C-SPAN, Public.Resource.org, Voice of America, and Al Jazeera.